Simplicity and reduced arrangements are the hallmarks

of the new CD, with focus on instrumental performances.
It will be a collection of old, not yet published material

and new songs, a somehow "unplugged" perception

of mainly melancholic and romantic ballads-like themes.

In his new album the composer is again supported

by excellent musicians, some of them have already

joined the Dream within a Dream album.

As a very rare highlight, Peter Ratzenbeck, known

as "Mr. Fingerpicking", is for the first time enjoying

himself on an electric guitar, a great experience for

all of us!

Essential - Andreas Boeck
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"I Will not read my poems as if they were prose" Nobel Prize winner William Butler Yeats explicated by way of introduction of his reading in 1931. Whoever was not aware of the close relationship between poetry and song. Certainly wake up to it as soon as Yeats began to read or, rather, sing to poetry. 

By presenting this first album, the AB-Music aims to follow Yeats' symbiotic perception of poetry and music. Yeats, Whitman, Poe, Davies and Laske-Schüler are transformed into a musical metarmophosis here, ranging from classical elements, carried by the lead instruments piano and cello, to ballads and contemporary pop music. The main theme "Arcadia", recited by a narrator, guides the audience through three acts, each of them reflecting sentiments and attributes, highs and lows in human life, thus demonstrating the everlasting truth in some of the world's greatest poetry.